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General Requirements for High Adventure Awards

These GENERAL REQUIREMENTS are an integral part of the Requirements for all High Adventure Awards obtained through the Trading Post and through the High Adventure Team. This includes the three Awards sponsored by the Camping Committee and specifically includes Awards sponsored by other councils.

These general requirements are defined in "TREK AID 100", an official copy of which can be purchased at the San Diego - Imperial Council's Service Center at 1207 Upas St, San Diego, CA 92103. Only the general requirements are given below. Complete requirements for each of the individual awards are in Trek Aid 100.

1. Changes or Exceptions
Changes, exceptions, modifications or waivers of any High Adventure Award Requirements shall be made only in advance of the outing and in writing by the High Adventure Team of the Council sponsoring the Award. They shall not be made by any other person, including Council Employees and volunteer or professional Scouters.

2. Awards Must be Earned
Awards shall not be given as "kudos", courtesy gifts, "consolation", etc. to any group or person. No High Adventure Award shall be given, or otherwise made available, to any person who has not completed all of the Requirements for the Award, including these General Requirements.

3. Recipients Must be Registered Members of the Boy Scouts of America
Only currently registered members of the Boy Scouts of America are eligible to receive High Adventure Awards. They shall not be made available to persons not so registered.

4. Scheduled Outings
Awards may be earned only on scheduled outings of registered Units, a District, or a Council.

5. One Trip, One Award
Only one award may be earned for one outing; unless otherwise stated in writing in the Award Requirements. Example: the San Diego County Council "High Sierra Indicator Segments" are designator segments for use with other Awards and the Great Western Council "14,495 Club" Mt. Whitney Climb may be earned as part of a long-term backpack.

6. B.S.A. Tour Plan Required
A Tour Plan, approved by the Local Council, is required. The old "Tour Permit" was discontinued on March 1, 2011, and only the new "Tour Plan" is accepted now. It is available on the national and council websites, and may be submitted electronically to the local council.

7. Other Permits Required
Where other Permits are required they must be obtained for the tour to be eligible for High Adventure Awards. These are: "Wilderness", "Dispersed Area", "Use", "Primitive Area", "National Park", "Camping", "Fire", "State Park", etc. See current edition of WILDERNESS DIGEST.

8. Requirement for Adult Leader with High Adventure Training
For all High Adventure Awards earned there shall be at least one adult leader with the group who has been certified by the High Adventure Team as having successfully completed the High Adventure Leadership or the High Adventure Backpack Leader Training.

9. Must Carry All Equipment, Food and Water
Backpackers, cyclists, skiiers, and snowshoers shall carry all of their equipment and food plus their share of the group equipment. The use of any type of motorized equipment or pack animals automatically disqualifies all users.

For riverine trips all personal food and equipment plus their share of group equipment shall be carried in the user's craft. Any person who rides in, whose food or equipment is carried by or whose craft is towed by power craft is automatically disqualified.

No "drops" or deliveries of food, equipment or water are permitted unless specifically authorized in advance in writing by the High Adventure Team. In some cases, particularly backpacking treks over 8 days, cycle trips over 5 days and some 3-day desert backpacks permission may be obtained in advance for food or water drops.

10. Scheduled Backpack Time
"Scheduled Backpack Time" is defined as that time actually backpacking on the primary trail. It does not include side trips, day hikes, fishing, mountain climbing, etc. "Scheduled Backpack Time" is used in some High Adventure Backpacking Awards as a more equitable method of determining qualifying distance in the mountains and in rough terrain. The general formula is: 2 miles per hour plus 1 hour for every 1,000 feet of elevation gain. Example: a 15-mile backpack equals 7.5 hours of scheduled backpack time. If the Trek also climbed from 9,000' to 10,000' and altitude gain allowance of one hour would be added making it 8.5 hours scheduled backpack time.

11. Familiarity with Trek Aids and Hike Aids
Adult and youth leaders should be familiar with San Diego - Imperial Council TREK AIDS 2, 3, 5, 6, 7 and 100 and with the Los Angeles Area Council HIKE AIDS. For cycling, familiarity with the Orange County Council BIKE AID.

12. High Adventure Award Form
The High Adventure Award Form for the San Diego - Imperial Council, B.S.A., must be filled in completely (including the names of all of those qualifying for the award on the reverse side) before submission to the Trading Post. No High Adventure Awards shall be sold without a complete and correct High Adventure Award form (including National Awards and those from other Councils). Follow this link for some tips on filling out the form.

 Last updated: 18 November 2016
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