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What is a High Adventure Award?

Quoting High Adventure in the Western Region of the B.S.A.: "High Adventure is many things to many people. To a Cub Scout it is a day hike along an Historic Trail, to a Scout on his first backpack it is the trail and a primitive campsite in the backwoods. To an experienced Explorer it may be an 8-day backpack in the High Country, a difficult mountain climb or a white water river trip.

High Adventure is: "a challenging experience, an experience other than a usual activity, an activity requiring special preparation and training, an activity performed with knowledge and skills beyond normal requirements, an activity that is not usually accomplished in man-made structures..." For Scouts and Explorers it usually is at least an overnight activity.

Then, a High Adventure Award is recognition that the wearer has met the challenge of the wilderness and has accomplished an objective that is both unique and difficult.

Scout's Honor System

Many Councils require a review and approval before an Award may be obtained through the Trading Post. Except for a few specific Awards with complicated requirements, the San Diego - Imperial council uses the Scout's Honor system and permits the sale of High Adventure Awards on the presentation of a properly filled out High Adventure Award Form signed by both the adult leader and the youth leader, certifying (a) they both have read and understand the Award Requirements and (b) those named on the reverse side of the form have fully and completely met all of the requirements.

Unit Leaders and Outing Leaders understand that it is neither fair to their own youth nor fair to the thousands who have honestly completed all of the requirements to give unearned awards to any person.

The High Adventure Award Form

The High Adventure Award Form was designed to provide information needed by the High Adventure Team to keep Awards current, to update the TREK AIDS and to develop new Awards. They are also used to provide specific information on the use of trails, camps, launching points, open areas, etc. to land management agencies. They use this information in recreational facilities planning, for developing new trails, campsites, water points and for maintaining existing facilities.

This Information is used; please submit correct and complete forms.

Follow this link for some tips on filling out the form.

Red Cross First Aid Certification

Some long-term High Adventure Awards of other Councils (Example: SIERRA NORTH and SIERRA SOUTH) require that at least_one adult leader shall be a qualified First Aider - that is, must hold a valid American Red Cross STANDARD FIRST AID AND PERSONAL SAFETY Card (American Red Cross Certificates #1730 or #1734) or a more advanced Red Cross Certificate. Licensed physicians meet these requirements.

Changes, Modifications and Waivers

The Trading Post is prohibited from changing, modifying or waiving any part of these requirements. Note that the Trading Post is in no way responsible for these award requirements. They were established by the High Adventure Team. All complaints and recommendations should be made directly to the Chairman of the High Adventure Team by letter or by telephone. Complainants may also appear in person, by invitation, at any scheduled meeting of the High Adventure Team.


Recommendations are welcomed by the High Adventure Team. If you have any recommendations on the High Adventure Award Program, please send them to:

Chairman, High Adventure Team
San Diego - Imperial Council B.S.A.
1207 Upas Street
San Diego, CA 92103
Or send email to Bob Niderost, bsabob@pacbell.net.

 Last updated: 29 January 2024
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